My website now runs on 100% green energy!

Four years ago, I have purchased my domain through a big-name provider and been using their hosting service for 4 years now without any complaint. There’s one thing though: I don’t know for sure how environmentally sustainable their service is. As the contract is running out soon, I decided to switch to greensta, a service by Greenpeace.

Why bother?

It takes a lot of electricity to keep the data centres up and running, which in return ensure that websites are up and running. All of this happen in warehouses in remote locations, out of human sight. Obviously, no one wants to see ugly industrial construction with boring purposes.

It goes without saying: Out of sight, out of mind. Regardless, the problem still exists whether we acknowledge or not.

Just as we are trying to cut down on plastic, reduce comsumption, or buy more sustainable products, being mindful of where our electricity comes from is simply another step one could take. Some sustainable energy sources are the sun, wind, and water.

What will change?

As readers, your experience on my site is in no way affected. You would probably not notice the difference if I hadn’t announced this change. 


I don’t receive any sponsorship through greensta, Greenpeace or any party. The decision was made by me and me only. If you also run a website and would like to switch providers, I’d be glad to share my experience so far, as well as to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

Happy reading,
P 🖤

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