About my passion

It’s a strange world we live in. Normally strange.

Normal how the Earth goes around the Sun and we want to go round the Earth. Strange how time passes by really fast in both cases.

Normal how we love that which appeals to us. Strange how some of those things end up killing us.

Normal how we take photos to preserve memories. Strange how we rarely turn back to those photos for the memories.

I want to take photos that I would come back to. I don’t really need the memory part, rather than that, the perceptions. Because nobody can bathe in the same river twice, and because I’m never the same, it’s satisfying to look back and emerge myself again in the world that I once experienced, with hopefully wiser eyes. I don’t believe in Schopenhauer’s philosophy, but I do believe that the world does change according to our perception of it.

Thus, the photos.

But, why analogue photography?

Because just like normal humans, film is flawed and beautiful. Film takes effort and time. Film needs consideration and care. Film is sophisticated and sometimes, unpredictable. My photos are 50% me and 50% the soul of my camera and my film roll.

Mostly because film does not last forever. It fades. Life withers.

I don’t intend to be pessimistic. It’s just the way it is. So, anytime I reach for my beloved camera to take photos, I don’t reach for perfection or any ideals whatsoever. And I think that my camera understands.

Without further ado, I wish you a nice journey through this page. I hope that you would at least, for the tiniest moment, be able to experience my world as I know it.