About me

Have you ever wondered, how skillfully must our destinies have been constructed, so that you could have possibly landed here on my blog?

Hello, I am Nam Phương and I go by the initials @np254 because I was only creative enough to combine my first name and my birthday. I was born in Ho Chi Minh City, grew up in Hanoi and currently live in Hamburg, Germany.

My passion for analogue photography started in 2016 when I purchased a Canon film camera off eBay and started shooting for fun. It was then turned into a long-term commitment – since writing some commentary words to my photos became such a therapeutic hobby, I decided to keep this blog alive, as long as I still find inspiration from the mundane daily life.

In real life, I’m just a flawed human with a lot of questions. Therefore, if you made it here, to this blog, I believe that fate had decided for us to meet because you could bring me your unique stories. There is nothing I love more than acquiring new knowledge, hearing different opinions & seeing other perspectives. Does it sound sadistic when I say that I love to think so hard to the point where my brain starts to hurt?

Each of us is an interesting individual with our own story. This blog is my story. I’d be very happy if you reach out and tell me yours. As you may have the answers to my questions, maybe I’ll have yours.

Enjoy my world as I know it,
P 🖤