All roads lead to Paris

I urged myself: Write something about Paris! After all, you fell head over heels for the city!

Truth is, I can’t. Yet.

The city is so heavily associated with clichés, that every time I try to declare my passion, it just doesn’t feel authentic. Regardless of what I write, it felt like I must’ve read this somewhere from someone experiencing Paris through their eyes.

So far, I only have a quick clumsy note, which I jotted down on my first night in Paris, full of excitement and astonishment for this symbolic city. I find it fairly acceptable, even though still heavily “clichéd”.

Should I keep my thoughts about Paris for myself, like a rare wine that you only share with special people? Or should I share it freely, so that everyone would be encouraged to visit Paris at least once in their lifetime?

We’ll see. I’ll write as soon as I can drill through this writer’s block (which is not me claiming to be a writer – it’s just a phrase).

So here’s my note:


I fell i love with Paris.

Right on the first beat.

As my plane landed in Charles de Gaulle Airport, the sun started to set.

The sky was oddly clear, the kind of clarity so fragile yet peaceful that made me wanted to grasp and bottle everything up. To preserve this precious atmosphere.

It was a glorious sunset. Lasted an hour, as the sky changed from a pastel yellow to pale orange to a burning fire. Sun rays grazed modern suburban skyscrapers, caressed a little boy’s chestnut hair, warmed up my cold heart.

I couldn’t move my eyes from the flaring skyline.

There is something about Paris that let everyone recognize, but cannot express. There is something in the architecture, the air, the gazes from strangers that is so distinct. Like the soul of the city.

Paris does not give off the “glorious ancient days” vibes like Rome, or the “modern yet ever so classic” vibes like Budapest. Nevertheless, one can feel the weight of history in magnificent train stations, on cobble stoned streets and in the romantic language that the locals take pride in speaking.

There. I never finished it, probably never will.

Anyhow, I’m glad that I wrote down my purest, rawest emotions. It feels great to lose your heart and mind once in a while.

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