Lauf zwischen den Meeren 2020

Paying homage to the 15th annual Run Between the Seas 2020 (German: “Lauf zwischen den Meeren”), for which I have been diligently training. It has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. A legitimate, but at the same time tragic reason nonetheless.

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A relatively healthy dose of humiliation

Today I downloaded an astrology app and among other things, it says that I need to cultivate attention to finding ideals and inner life. It took me aback because I have also thought of myself as an idealistic person. I am also not one to ignore my inner life. You may say that I shouldn’t trust a random mobile app. Somehow it kept me thinking. What if, – What if I am not who I think that I am?

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Start over?


Where do we start?

Actually, let’s start at the end. The end is today, 20th of March, a very uncertain Friday for me personally as I sit in my new room somewhere in Hamburg, Germany. The statistics for Germany are sprinting towards a number in the 20.000 range. I mean cases. Of COVID-19, the potential culprit for the apocalypse of humanity. Unprecedented.

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