Complaint of a spoiled millennial

The biggest problem of us young people is that we have too many choices.

Like, how do I make big life decisions when I have to spend minutes and hours every day to decide:

  • how I should react to a friend’s post on Facebook: like, love, laugh, wow, sad, angry?
  • which shoe size I have: 37, 37 1/3, 37 1/2, 37 2/3, 38?
  • which Moleskin notebook colour I would want to buy: 2 Pantone shades of green or 2 Pantone shades of magenta?
  • what I should have for breakfast: cereal, muffin, toast, or nothing?
  • which clothing item I should have next: the trendy “modern-day-dreamy off-shoulder blouse” or the “must-have leather jacket that will always make a statement”?
  • if I need vitamin supplements and if yes, which: omega-3, a-z depot, biotin, magnesium and whatnot?
  • which photo I should post, how I should edit it, with which application and which filter? And for heaven’s sake, with which caption?
  • which lipstick colour matches my mood today – even though all of them are pretty much the same?
  • and those are just a few questions that pop right up in my head, let alone the ones with which I too often have to deal with that they have become the daily norms.

More often than not, I feel like I’ve robbed myself of too much precious time. I don’t really have time for that really good book that I recommended to a friend 3 months ago; for that brain training app that I swear by; for the film camera that actually forces me to take some time for myself; for that Friday Jazz Evening that I promised to attend since forever; for WordPress, for writing;

If time is a perception, just as my photos are analog perceptions, then my senses are way out of proportions.

I used to think of myself as an intellectual individual, one who seeks knowledge and reflects. Now I’ve realised that it was just a label I wanted to identify myself with. And upon that realisation, I knew that I was lost. It was not until panic set in did I start making myself actual questions and decisions:

  • how I could find my confidence
  • how I should embrace my quirks
  • how beautiful the lyrics to a random song is and how lucky I am to even be able to hear it
  • how the wind blows more softly today and birds seem to appear from out of nowhere
  • how strangers glance at each other on the subway, and smile when their eyes meet
  • how being in the moment is so hard but possible
  • and in general, how am I so lucky to exist, to have so many potentials, to be an active part of this beautiful human experience?

There are without doubt struggles and setbacks. There are without doubt injustice and humiliations. There is shame and there are dark times.

But there is nothing more beautiful and pure than the human’s soul that has been destroyed, yet purifies itself and survives the human experience’s quality check.

No one can ever be a failure, no matter how many choices they are given and how many they have missed. The beauty in having way too many choices is that we are both the provider and consumer of those choices. In other words, we give ourselves permission to torture our very own souls, and most importantly, to stop the torturing. The whole experience is a struggle which all of us, at some point or another, will have to go through.

You shall ask me: why are you complaining when you have already realised all kinds of stuff?

Well, on behalf of everyone who is still silently struggling, this one is the answer.

You are not alone.

For every bad thing, there are several more good things to come. It solely depends on how we perceive and react.

So. stay positive, stay strong.

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