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I have deadlines coming up and I’m ignoring them all.

I know that I am a procrastinator, but it’s getting waaaayyyy out of hand. I spent the entire weekend doing everything except for writing my term papers. Anytime I encouraged myself enough to open the Word document, my hand just clicked elsewhere.

So here am I posting some photos that I took in the past week. These photos belong to my experiment as a rookie photographer: to take photos without the help of the light meter. This is also my second time using the Praktica MTL 5, which I have to add, is much more difficult to use in comparison to my beloved Canon AE-1 Program. The blame is on the Praktica’s viewfinder; it’s darker and not very sharp, plus it darkens when aperture is low (starting from f/8) so at that point you can see almost nothing through it. Anyhow I’m still very satisfied with some shots.

Back to the experiment: one thing I notice while using the Praktica is the light meter. I don’t know if ASA 200 film is unsuitable for winter, or the light meter is wrong, but according to the light meter, exposure is only balanced with aperture f/4 and wider + speed 1/500 or 1/1000.

So with these photos, I decided to just stick with narrow aperture (because I wanted a deep DOF) and low speed (mostly 1/60s). The result is… a lot of blurry photos (maybe because of low speed?) and richer colors (also because most are taken indoor). So I think I learned something… with the next roll I’ll shoot with a slightly faster speed (probably 1/125s).

Anyway I am eager to learn so if you think I’m wrong, or there are some tips that might be helpful, please, please, please drop a comment. I’m forever grateful!

All photos taken with Praktica MTL 5 + Kodak Gold 200

PNG_20161204_0048Favorite one from the roll

PNG_20161204_0046I have a thing for sunsets

PNG_20161204_0043…and airplane trails in the sky

PNG_20161204_0041Human’s creation that looks like nature’s coincidence

PNG_20161204_0040Taken by Hà, just ignore the fact that I am almost not in the photo 🙂

PNG_20161204_0038…and I took this of Hà, see how she IS in the photo? 🙂

PNG_20161204_0036Mappenausstellung – HAW Hamburg


PNG_20161204_0034A very nice neighborhood of Hamburg

PNG_20161204_0023Way to school (why is there a blurry, slightly blue spot in the middle of the photo? Sun ray?)

PNG_20161204_0022Naughty sunlight


PNG_20161204_0029Crazy light circles again, why??

PNG_20161204_0018Sorry, just another sunset shot

PNG_20161204_0012I didn’t expect this photo to actually be this visible because the light was out

PNG_20161204_0009Thu and Ly

PNG_20161204_0008Ly, bright as a flower

PNG_20161204_0047Thu, this shot is a little bit overexposed, crappy scanner makes it even worse than in reality. But I love this moment!

PNG_20161204_0001Main station at night – everybody just wants to go home. I shot this without the viewfinder, because I set aperture at f/11 and the viewfinder turned pitch black. Result: off focus 🙁

PNG_20161204_0028Weihnachtsmarkt am Rathausplatz – Christmas market on town hall square

PNG_20161204_0031Out of focus, narrow aperture, low speed, no flash

PNG_20161204_0026Grilled salmon


(see more on my Flickr’s account if you wish to)

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