Hamburg (walk the worries away, revisited)

On the 5th of November 2016, I wrote this article, and I quote:

But if you ask me if I love the city [Hamburg], let’s wait and discuss the matter in a year. We’ll see.

Surprise, surprise, one year has gone by.

I remember the hopeful girl, first time moving from a small town to a metropolis, accompanied by several cartons, suitcases, and determination. Having been through “enough”, she believed that she could conquer this new adventure.

I remember the first month in Hamburg, the loneliness, the mild depression but at the same time the excitement of being foreign in a place where no one knows me. I remember the overwhelmingness when I constantly got lost and homesick, and also “friend”-sick.

But you’ve read enough about me, so let me stop being narcissistic.

Hamburg. What a city.

Hamburg is not home, yet I feel at peace whenever returning to Hamburg after a trip. Somewhere along the way, I have found familiarity in the silver and red subway trains, in the windy streets, in sunny days on the Alster, in crazy nights on Reeperbahn.

Hamburg is a psychopathic lover, who feeds me with warm shots of sunshine then whips me off my feet with its stormy wind and drowns me in the rain.

Hamburg is the ultimate stage where you can act like whoever you want to be. The city offers discretion, because nobody really gives a damn about who you are, what you wear and what you do.

If you are living in Hamburg, and you’ve never walked around both Alsters alone, I think you should. It is indeed a challenge, physically and mentally, because the streak is almost 10 km long. However, the reward is so satisfying. Walking can be meditating, if you do it right – without accompany and smartphones. The first time I walked this path was in May and it was such a memorable experience that I wrote a post about it. About a month ago, I did it again.

I needed to clear my mind. Nothing helped. One day I woke up and decided to myself: “I need to walk around the Alster.” Off I went, without my phone and with my camera.

I tried to take the similar photos to the ones that I took in May to compare. I think the ones I newly took seem sadder than the old ones.


He was playing “Que sera, sera”

I tried to imitate a picture that I took in May. On that day, the clouds were lining up as if they were going to heaven. I guess now they’ve reached their destination.

I tried to imitate a picture that I took in May. On that day, the clouds were lining up as if they were going to heaven. I guess now they’ve reached their destination.

If you walk around the Alster on a nice sunny day, here’s what you will encounter:




Take your lover here


Walk with you till the end of the road




What are you waiting for?


Come here
This felt like West Lake (Ho Tay)


This is my first roll of the Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400. The colors are definitely very vibrant. I still haven’t decided if I like this style or not. Maybe I’m so used to the Agfa Vistacolor 400, but I find Agfa’s somewhat reddish hue more sentimental.

We’ll see. Time will tell.

Find more photos on my Flickr.

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