Happy days (part 1)

I don’t know much, but I know that time flies reaaaallllyyyy fast when you procrastinate.

Because a blink of an eye just stretched out for 3 weeks. Literally.

3 weeks ago, my family flew over to visit me. Mom, Dad and Kun. After more than a year. Even though our time together was relatively short, it was worthwhile. I still think that travelling with my family is simply the best way to enjoy life (not entirely because all expenses are paid, hey Mom, hey Dad, thank you and love you ♥️, but because after not seeing them for such a long time, I just can’t get enough of them IRL).

We travelled to Italy and Spain, where the sun actually shines.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with your monthly dose (I know, sorry and blame it on procrastination ?) of analog perceptions:

All photos were taken with Canon AE-1 Program x Kodak Tmax 400, on Auto because I can’t risk having bad pics of this trip.

  1. First stop, Rome:

Somewhere in Rome

It was love at first sight. I arrived in the city and fell hopelessly in love. Rome is old and beautiful. It’s the classic beauty that you can’t describe with words. It’s the solemn yet romantic air that breezes throughout the whole city. It’s the legendary architecture of even the humblest house on a random street. Rome, to me, is like an all too beautiful dream I don’t deserve. I’d pay to get lost in Rome forever. That much.




? Love is in the air


2. Vatican:



Living statues that are more real than reality

“Holy…” seems like the appropriate expression (sorry to Christian friends if this is offensive)

Dad being Dad with his beloved Nikon D810

3. Pisa:

Morning coffee on the other side of the sun

Who knows that Pisa would be so poetic?

Italy in a food truck (cameo: Dad)


Because who would leave Pisa without a signature pose?

In all its glory, since a few centuries

4. Venice:

Another place that took my breath away. Seriously, what have Italian done to deserve such alluring cities?

PNG_20170221_0035 PNG_20170221_0034

PNG_20170221_0039 Rialto


PNG_20170221_0032 Bell tower on Piazza San Marco

Perfect depth

My most favorite shot, ever.

I think that the Sun really loved us, because wherever we went, we were blessed with sunshine. It was like a golden dream, one that I’ll keep in my heart forever.

Luckily time is just another perception of the human’s mind. Our limited days together weren’t much, but they have made up for our time apart. Like I wrote up there, it was worthwhile and it certainly didn’t felt like it was short.

It was a time that made me feel glad to be alive.

(to be continued)

More photos on my Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskPuHbGU.

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