Happy days (part 2)

A few years back, I was really into Pinterest, because there are many nice photo quotes there. I remember my most pinned board being called “Words of wisdom” or “Words to live by” or something similar. And among my pins, there was one that got me thinking for a while:

“Life is what happens when you are not looking.”

It is a true fact. I find myself too often examining my life through retrospect. And I often find out positive things from my memories.

Well, enough of rambling here, I’ll just showcase some photos from our family trip to Spain and occasionally a random caption like I’ve always been doing.

All photos taken with Canon AE-1 Program x Kodak Tmax 400.

  1. Barcelona:

Somehow, as we continued our trip, I forgot to take photos, because I was too concentrated on enjoying the view with my own eyes. Now I kind of regret not taking that many photos.




PNG_20170221_0063Most favorite photo of Mom

PNG_20170221_0051Hi it’s just me through Dad’s eyes

2. Madrid:

Funnily enough, I have absolutely no photos of Madrid itself. The weather was not very nice, and we didn’t spend much time in the city. In exchange, we spent an entire day exploring Toledo – a small town about 40 minutes from Madrid and (apparently) hometown of Cervantes.





PNG_20170221_0071He’s super photoshy, but I managed to take a glimpse 🙂

PNG_20170221_0070Looks like Vietnam

PNG_20170221_0066The sky is blue because we’re young?

So that’s pretty much it. Everything I have as memories slash souvenirs from the most wonderful trip.

Last Friday night I went to a “Sinatra & Friends” music night and fell in love with “That’s amore” from Dean Martin. Yes, it is love.

Sadly, jazz is slowly dying. Among the audience, there were barely people my age.

Even though the lyrics are somehow old-fashioned, jazz/swing still possesses a timeless sentiment that modern music just can’t achieve. An effortlessly elegant atmosphere of people concerning nothing but the pleasure of being alive and being in love.

May the music never die.

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