Law of Attraction

Have you ever heard about the Law of Attraction?

Some say it’s bullshit. I’ve always been a believer.

To put it in simple words, it is the belief that your positive or negative thoughts will bring positive or negative experiences into your life.

Another saying that supports this idea is of Paul Coelho in his famous book “The Alchemy”:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

Why I believe in it:

1/ Law of Attraction puts responsibility in the person, not the circumstances.

No matter how you try to justify your problems, you will always be the one and only person in charge of your destiny.

Humans are privileged to have choices, although it is this same advantage that challenges our freedom. On average, an adult makes 35 000 conscious decisions everyday. Each decision will lead our life in a direction. Imagine how powerful our minds are in shaping our life every second, every minute, every hour of our daily life.

Spoiler alert: The upcoming image is a spoiler for Black Mirror “Bandersnatch”, an interactive movie where viewers can choose between options to decide the progress of the plot. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend that you don’t look at the image and check out the movie.

Example: Black Mirror “Bandersnatch” flow chart demonstrates how small decision can lead to a totally different ending.

I used to blame my problems on the circumstances. Besides our decisions, there are many other factors affecting the result, most of which we cannot control. So every time I failed, I would find a reason to dump responsibility on an outside factor.

In reality, I did make a decision. I consciously chose to not adapt to the circumstances. If I couldn’t control them anyway, my job was to find out what I could do otherwise to reach my goal. We can always choose our reaction to a problem. By choosing acceptance and flexibility, we will see circumstances less as a burden, rather a situation that we are provided with and must work with.

2/ Law of Attraction promotes positivity/optimism.

It’s too simple: Happy thoughts lead to a happy life. However, I think that optimism is larger than happiness.

Optimism is believing in the good nature of people.
Optimism is believing in the power of collective awareness.
Optimism is believing that things will eventually work out, even if you are going through hell.
Optimism is framing our thoughts to feel at peace with our own choices.

A friend of mine once told me: “You are too naïve because you’re crazily positive.”
I thought, “And what has it caused me? So much blessings and opportunities.”

Naïvety is lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. It portrays innocence or unsophistication.

Optimism is the practice that one can learn best from his own experiences. It doesn’t have anything in common with innocence or unsophistication. Quite the contrary, to practice optimism is a rather complex skill because it requires mental strength to see everything from a more beneficial perspective.

There is a misconception about optimism that I would like to address:
Optimism does not encourage carelessness.
If someone doesn’t try his best and still believes that he will succeed, he is being arrogant. Trying our best means considering every possible scenario, as well as being prepared for everything that is to come.

3/ Law of Attraction stood the test of time, according to my personal (limited) experience.

In retrospect, I did get everything that I wanted, both good and bad things.

During moments when I felt so thankful everything that I have, I looked back and realized how hard I had been working. Similarly, when hardships came up, there was no one to blame but my lazy depressed self.

I observed that our attitude often aligns with the outcome of our action. It is simply karma: If something comes to you, either you deserve it, or you will have to pay for it later.

For instance, if you supposedly received an opportunity out of nowhere and you took it for granted, then you would be attracting apathy. It is quite a statement to make because opportunities don’t often just randomly land on lazy people No wonder why nothing as good ever came after you rejected the chance.

How to make it work:

1/ We are in charge of our future and of everything that happens to us.

2/ Troubled water signalize the need for re-evaluation: If what you are attracting is not what you want, there’s something wrong with the way you bring your message across.

3/ I can’t thing of anything else. Suggestions?

What I really want to say:

For my birthday this year, I wish to attract new opportunities career-wise, good health, intellectual challenges, and meaningful relationships.

Thankful for the rollercoaster ride, 22!

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