No more nonsense

I’m writing this to look back on 2019 so that I won’t have to do it on December 31st.

A while ago, I read a magazine where the editor-in-chief shared provoking thoughts on 2020, or the upcoming decade. She said things will be very much different onwards, especially more energy, more radical changes, more remarkable events. Up until the first 20 years of a century, we don’t have a word for the decades. From year 21 onwards, we have “The Twenties”, “The Thirties”, “The Forties” and so on. Remember the 20s of the 20th century? It was called “The Roaring Twenties”. This editor believes firmly that we will experience it again.

Even without reading this idea, I can already affirm that my next 10 years will bring tremendous changes. Simply because I’m a young adult and have so much ahead to experience.

This year, my biggest lesson learned is about change. To be more precise, I fully understood how real change won’t happen unless it starts from within. Often times I admire self-disciplined people without realising that the actual drive behind their iron will is their undefeatable desire to change.

There wasn’t a year when I had to re-invent myself as frequently as this year. With each year into my adulthood, the records keep getting broken. I guess re-inventing oneself is a core activity of adulthood.

This year, I went from being employed to unemployed then to being employed again. From gaining weight to losing weight to keeping weight. From being sick to being healthy and back and forth. From being happy to being depressed and back and forth. From working out regularly to couch potato-ing and back and forth. I didn’t take as many photos as I’d like to. Learned a new language and can actually start to speak it. Read more books than I’d planned to. Met more cool people than I’d expected. Lived outside of my comfort zone more often than I could imagine.

Towards the end of this era, I wish for more mental clarity – a keyphrase a favourite Youtuber of mine has wonderfully coined. I wish for no more nonsense.

More often than not, we get swept away by our mundane daily life and lose track of our goals. It’s a good thing to live in the moment, but only if we do the right things. As in:

  • Speak up more. Let others know if we’re hurt. Let them know that we care about them. Generally, if there are things we regretted not saying out loud, jump at the nearest chance to say it.
  • Set boundaries. Set priorities. You get only one chance at life, so live for yourself first, before tearing yourself apart for others.
  • Waste way less time on social media. If possible, quit it. Social media is a great means to get a message across, so if we use it, use it the right way. Which brings me to the next point…
  • Have more opinions. Get our brains working harder. Exchange our opinions with others more often. Learn to understand opinions different than our own.
  • Question everything. Start with “what”, then “how”, “who”, “when”, “where” then “why”.

Living with a purpose is fun. The moment I started to filter out nonsense, I immediately noticed a shift in my relationships. I knew more clearly who actually care and who are just there for the gossips. If the Law of Frequency and Vibration is real, I’d like to think that I’m striving for higher frequencies.

Looking forward to a lot more deep conversations about everything.
Looking forward to more memorable experiences.
Looking forward to more direction, while enjoying being clueless.
Looking forward to more self-revelation and self-understanding.
Looking forward to more hardships and the depression that comes with the package, then to not letting it get the best of me.

It’s been tough, but it’s been worthwhile.
See you very very soon, The Twenties ♥

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