No place like home

September is rushing to the end and here I am, procrastinating as usual.

I have so much to tell you about, especially my 3-week trip back home. So let’s not waste any more time (that’s what she said).

This is my first time flying back home after 2 years. Why did I take so long? Because plane tickets aren’t the cheapest thing and because other plans always got in the way. Regardless, I flew home this mid-August.

Despite being warned by everyone, I was still caught surprised by the heat, although it was not even the hottest time of the year. Flying from the freezing Hamburg to Hanoi, I felt like a marshmallow being melted. And I meant it literally. Two years without adequate sunshine have bleached my skin to a glowing porcelain white. I think I have never been so pale in my life, except for when I was still an infant. Funnily how I never noticed my skin while I was in Germany. Everyone is just as pale as I am (many are paler). Here in Hanoi, everyone possesses the tanned skin that I always dream of having. The most suitable example would be my little brother:

000027 That face which translates to “I do not want to be photographed”

000022 Being a kid athlete, he gets plenty of sunshine on the field. Plus his super smooth skin really enhances the bronze tone. (totally not jealous over here)


000020 Mom as a cameo (you can’t see but she also has very nice tanned skin)

Dad is always very tanned, but he has always been all his life. My grandma usually calls him “Nam Đen” (meaning “black Nam” haha):


All in all, it feels ridiculously good to be home. I spent a few afternoons chilling on the sofa, listening to chillax music blasting from the high-quality speaker, enjoying sunset outside the balcony (which I do not have in Germany). Get ready for a quick peek inside my home:

000025 Sadly, it was cloudy on the day I took this photo

000024 Fancy much?

000018 Guess who takes over all the space while I’m gone? You guess.

It’s accurate to say that you don’t really understand the comfort of home until you return to it. Habits may play a role, but there is truly no place like home.

All photos were taken with Canon AE-1 Program x Agfa Color 400.

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