On My Mind #1

This kind of post will not come regularly. I’m having a lot on my mind lately, so I thought that writing my thoughts down will help me see things more clearly.

Dr Gabor Maté

He’s a retired Canadian-Hungarian doctor whose works surround treating addiction, AD(H)D, mind/body health, childhood development & parenting and the Compassionate Inquiry Method for medical workers.

Having some troubles in my personal life lately, Dr Maté’s work seems like a lighthouse amidst my internal raging storm. I’ve bought his book named “When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection” and can’t wait to gain some insights into my own health problems.

What I also found particularly intriguing about Dr Maté’s works is his firm belief in the effect of traumatic experiences during childhood on a person’s later personal development, health, and behaviours. At first, I couldn’t agree right away with this approach. Let’s be real, we will all have some kinds of health problems at some points in our life; so according to this reasoning, are so many of us affected by traumatic childhood events? Then why are a lot of us still speaking of our childhood so fondly?

As I dug deeper, I gradually became convinced that he was right. This is 100% up to you to decide. However, I would recommend that you read this article as well as check out his website – which is a real hidden gem with valuable resources. Maybe you’ll realize that there might be a solution to your struggles, which we’ve heard plenty of times but never truly paid attention to: face your demons and start finding out more effective ways to combat them.


Youtube recommended Amy Lee’s channel after I’ve watched several videos about Dr Gabor Maté. I could understand why. In the above video, Amy addressed the topic that seems to affect all of us young people: loneliness. Her thoughts resonate with my own so much, I knew right away that we would vibe really well in real life. Literally 18 minutes of watching someone read my mind out loud – which is assuring to me somehow.

The OMAD Diet

I am an adventurous person in terms of dieting. Possibly because I feel in control of my life when I can control my diet. Weird, no?

Currently, I’m “torturing” myself with The OMAD Diet.
OMAD = One Meal A Day

Yes, O-N-E meal for every 23 hours of fasting (the one hour is used for eating, duh). Basically, it’s extreme intermittent fasting. There’s no officially correct way to do OMAD, some count their calories to ensure that they eat enough/not overeat, some combine OMAD with keto, some just eat loads of junk food. Please don’t eat junk food every day.

As I’m new to this, I try to not go overboard and complicate everything. During my precious one-hour window for eating, I eat intuitively according to my body’s needs and try to keep track of my calories with the MyFitnessPal app. I do the latter mostly because I’m curious about my daily calories and macronutrients intake. Luckily, I’ve been cooking and eating at home a lot, so my body adjusted to eating intuitively pretty well. I have a relative idea of what my body likes (eggs, tofu, veggies, fresh food) and what it dislikes (too much meat, fatty food, strong spices, and lactose).

Why am I doing this?
– For the sake of experimenting and testing my limits
– To lose the 5 kilos that I’ve gained during the last 4 years
– To save money (a surprising but warmly appreciated benefit)

Conclusions: No conclusions yet, I’m just starting out. However, I did notice that we don’t need a lot of food to function normally.

There’s a whole subreddit on OMAD, in case you’re wondering what kind of crazy people would actually try this crazy diet out.

So far these are three topics that I wanted to share today. There are personal matters that I’ll never share online & there still are many other thought-provoking topics that I’ll share with you one day. Nevertheless, I’m always open to suggestions! If you want to hear my thoughts on something, or would like to know more about a topic, let me know and I’ll see if I can do something about it.

Over and out,
P ♥️

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