Shameless late Christmas post

I know. Christmas was two months ago. However I’m a firm believer in second chances, third chances and trying to make up for what haven’t become. “Better late than never”, they said.

So this is my Christmas summary:

This year I spent Christmas with the Reimanns – Ngan’s homestay parents in Hoyerswerda – a tiny town somewhere in Sachsen, Eastern Germany. They have a small and pretty house which they lovingly named “Hexenhaus” (the witch’s cottage) and here it is:


I caught the witch in the garden:

The house is located at the rear of town, from there a wheat field stretches out to the horizon:

and of course, I took a sunset shot too:

Ever since moving to Hamburg, I’ve been occastionally missing the “small town spirit” – the clarity of air, the peaceful silence, people knowing each other, humble houses and sounds of birds’ wings flapping through the unbreakable sacredness of a place untouch by big city’s hustle and bustle.

Let me take you with me on a leisure walk through town:


Christmas gathering felt a lot like Tet, except that it was so much quieter:

Aunt Gudrun’s sweet windowsill

PNG_20170107_0004 PNG_20170107_0005
PNG_20170107_0008 PNG_20170107_0006

Glühbier – Sachsen’s specialty

PNG_20170108_0003 PNG_20170108_0004

Mutti finally figured out how to send voice messages via Whatsapp

More photos on my Flickr:

I believe in “everything happens for a reason”. I believe this Christmas, though more peaceful and at times “boring” than I expected, had given me a chance to rest. A much needed recharge. To get away and meet new people, to learn new traditions and to give, to grow.

Thank you Ngan, Andrea and Norbert for the wonderful time! ♥︎

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