Life update // Tâm sự mỏng

(Kéo xuống để đọc tiếng Việt; hãy đọc cả 2 thứ tiếng nếu bạn có thể, vì nội dung không giống nhau)(Please scroll all the way down for photos) Where have I been? I ask myself.Physically, I have been on vacation for 2 weeks, been back in Hamburg for a week and a half.Mentally, I've… Continue reading Life update // Tâm sự mỏng

Happy days (part 1)

I don't know much, but I know that time flies reaaaallllyyyy fast when you procrastinate. Because a blink of an eye just stretched out for 3 weeks. Literally. 3 weeks ago, my family flew over to visit me. Mom, Dad and Kun. After more than a year. Even though our time together was relatively short,… Continue reading Happy days (part 1)

Daily life

I have deadlines coming up and I'm ignoring them all. I know that I am a procrastinator, but it's getting waaaayyyy out of hand. I spent the entire weekend doing everything except for writing my term papers. Anytime I encouraged myself enough to open the Word document, my hand just clicked elsewhere. So here am… Continue reading Daily life

**it happens

As a rookie, I learn so much more about analog photography each passing day. My current struggle is how to insert film roll rightly, so that my photos actually get taken. In my last post, I mentioned a tragic story. Well, suspense's over, here it goes: Roughly two days before this year's first snow, I… Continue reading **it happens