Happy days (part 1)

I don’t know much, but I know that time flies reaaaallllyyyy fast when you procrastinate.

Because a blink of an eye just stretched out for 3 weeks. Literally.

3 weeks ago, my family flew over to visit me. Mom, Dad and Kun. After more than a year. Even though our time together was relatively short, it was worthwhile. I still think that travelling with my family is simply the best way to enjoy life (not entirely because all expenses are paid, hey Mom, hey Dad, thank you and love you ♥️, but because after not seeing them for such a long time, I just can’t get enough of them IRL).

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Shameless late Christmas post

I know. Christmas was two months ago. However I’m a firm believer in second chances, third chances and trying to make up for what haven’t become. “Better late than never”, they said.

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Dưới cây tầm gửi… (Under the mistletoe…)


(English version below)

Ở Dresden, vào những ngày giữa Giáng sinh và năm mới, người ta mở một cái chợ nhỏ, bày trí theo kiểu Trung đại, chỉ bán đồ ăn thức uống kiểu Trung đại. Cả những người bán hàng cũng mặc những bộ váy áo nhiều lớp đủ màu theo kiểu xưa cũ. Ngay cửa vào có một giàn tầm gửi như thế này.

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Daily life

I have deadlines coming up and I’m ignoring them all.

I know that I am a procrastinator, but it’s getting waaaayyyy out of hand. I spent the entire weekend doing everything except for writing my term papers. Anytime I encouraged myself enough to open the Word document, my hand just clicked elsewhere.

So here am I posting some photos that I took in the past week. These photos belong to my experiment as a rookie photographer: to take photos without the help of the light meter. This is also my second time using the Praktica MTL 5, which I have to add, is much more difficult to use in comparison to my beloved Canon AE-1 Program. The blame is on the Praktica’s viewfinder; it’s darker and not very sharp, plus it darkens when aperture is low (starting from f/8) so at that point you can see almost nothing through it. Anyhow I’m still very satisfied with some shots.

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Last days of fall

During the most beautiful days of fall, I was stuck with work. My routine was wake up, work, sleep and repeat. I have no complaints though, because work = money.

The only negative outcome of those two weeks lies in the fact that I have no nice stereotypical photos of Europe’s fall – red, yellow, orange leaves covering romantic streets. I did try to grasp that what is left of the sadly short season on its last week, however I’ll save the tragic story for another time.

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Hamburger Sommerdom

I still haven’t made up my mind about Hamburg yet.

The city is big and lively, but it hasn’t offered me much sentiment. On lucky days, the sun would shine and birds would sing. Sky would be blue and clouds would be fluffy. On normal days, however, blankets of water vapour would stretch till the endless horizon. High chance that rain would be drizzling.

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