wings, diamond, and dreams

I don’t know how I can navigate in this world
Like, I have been given these wings
That allow me to fly
But there are these boundaries.

I wish I could fly across the continent
Across the boundaries
So I fly
But then I see feathers
Debris of dreams that were just like mine

It feels like
Singing yourself a lullaby
Then end up trapped in your own bad dream
It feels like
Making a solemn promise
Then die the next day
It feels like
Losing sanity
In a world full of mad men

I cut down my wings
to find them grow back the very next day
and strong

I know
that I can fly
As long as I stay within the limits
I’ll be fine

Even if all I ever was
and ever will be
are the broken wings on a path undiscovered
Then I shall be.

A poem that came to me during a headache. My brain was detoxing itself. All that I can say is, I assure you, that the struggle is real and is hard. But do you know what shines after some harsh polishing? 


And diamond shall we be.

May this song soothe your soul, as it did mine ♥

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